Entering the makeup world

I am starting a new journey into the makeup world! I am so excited and nervous about this since I am not a person who wears a lot of makeup. When I was a young teenager I would wear so so so much makeup I looked like a clown! Then I became a mom and hardly wore any makeup.

I am a complete newbie who has never tried any of the makeup that is out now which I’m hoping is gonna make for good reviews on user friendliness. I am planning on doing tutorials and first impressions and reviews on everything beauty. Makeup,skin care, hair products etc…

My platforms will be this site, YouTube,& instagram. I do not have those up and going yet so stay tuned on those. If you have any recommendations or requests please insert in the box at the end of this blog.

There is so many exciting brands out there that I can not get my hands on! I would love to hear what everyone’s favorites are.


More to be coming soon 🙂 Thank you everyone!


How to coupon

To start this i shoud explain that couponers have a lingo heres some important ones to know.

1.Oop-Our favorite…Out of pocket.We all want a low oop

2.Mfg-Manufacture coupon

3.Nla- No longer availabe…The sadest one..When a coupon is no longer avaible so we hope we have enough

4-inserts-A booklet full of coupons.

5.Overage-Best one yet…When you get paid to get a item or in other terms a moneymaker out goals is to always get things really cheap or free but when you get paid…Oh thats a good day.


Where to start…Once you have all of the things you need..coupons etc.. You start by looking at the weekly adds and compare them to your coupons for example most tide or gain pods are 5.95 a pack and dollar general have them advertised in there ad for 3.95 well p&g had released a coupon for 3$ off one which makes it .95c! (you can still get this buy creating a dollar general account and clipping the coupon to your number)

Best stores to shop at and why?

My favorite is dollar general! Why? The example above is one reason the generally have really good prices and on top of that they have in store things like buy 3 of this product save 3$ instantly, Fill out  the survey on your reciept…get 3/15 coupon (ring this before your other coupons) My favorite saturdays are 5/25$! These are store coupons are able to be used with manufacture coupons.

Target-Target is defiently my second favorite but can be the most challenging.When putting together a deal hear I conider store sale, my mfg coupons and cartwheel (store discounts or coupons),What gift cards i will be recieving, what rebates are available,any text coupons available and finally my 5% off for having a red card..(good thing to have).

Walgreens-Thers alot of ways to save at Walgreens obviously sales, Mfg coupons.. and also they have a monthley booklet with store coupons,offer regestier rewards which gives you money off you next trip which lowers you oop next time.They have a new thing called beuty enthusist which for every 50$ you spend you recieve 5$ rr (register rewards) you can also earn rr by walking…Yes i said walking.On there app you can turn on a feature that allows you to eran points.

Rite Aid- Plenti points! plenti points can be used for many things download the app and hook it to your wellness card and discover the magic. They also have the best store coupons i have seen.For example a few weeks back they knocked down there irish spring down to 1.99 from 3.99 with card and in store coupon..at the same time a mfg coupon came out with a 1$ off which made it .99c.

Walmart- Low prices…Sometimes they cant be beat. Ibotta seems to offer more rebates when you shop here too.

Dollar Tree- Everything is a dollar! So if a coupons restrictions match up with stuff at the dollar tree..Well your oop will be very low or none.

Download the rebatess app to see if you can get a better deal or to get money to buy things you have to like milk etc.

Things you need to coupon

These are the things i use to get the best deals.

where to get the coupons? There are many many ways to get coupons here what i do…I buy 10 sunday papers these have manufacture coupons as well as the weekly ads which have store coupons (you can start with as many as you feel comfortable with i do 10 so i can do multiple hauls) couponsdotcom is an amazing place to find coupons. Store apps such as walgreens,fred Myer,dollar general,target allow you to clip coupons right onto your store card but when you do it this way you only get 1 coupon per item which means you only get one of the product. Another way to get coupons is to go on the website of your favorite brands and see if they have any on their site. You can also write them and ask for samples or coupons to try a product.


Apps are a great way to lower the stress of putting together deals for your hauls my favorites are flipp- it allows you to type in a product you have a coupon for and shows you what all the stores are advertising for that product..it has all the weekly ads and lets you print store coupons from. Couponsdotcom has an app to make it simpler.Krazy coupon lady posts deals and has a app.


It is also a good idea to download the store apps to give you prices for items and lets you clip coupons to your card.Download these apps to save even more money (will be explained in “how to coupon”  ibotta,cart-wheel,checkout 51,saving star,plenti.


If you plan on printing coupons it will be a good idea to have a printer.If you plan to have a lot of coupons on you it will be much easier for you if you have a binder and buy little slots from walmart that hold basketball cards to use to organize your coupons.I as well have a small on the go coupon organizer that i got from amazon for very cheap to organize the coupons I’m gonna be using that day by sore.It is best to write down your list before going so you can stay on track i use a notes app on my phone but a pen and paper would work just as well.And obviously a good pair of scissors because you will be doing a lot of clipping.

What I am and not looking forward to in the new iPhone.

Of course there is a million rumors around the iPhone set to release this fall here is what I would like to see and not based on the rumors.

I do like the idea of naming the three new iPhones iPhone 7s,7s plus, iPhone x.I think adding  the color red would be a great and very sought after based on the reactions I have gotten and seen.Wireless charging would be amazing I think its something a lot of us iPhone users have been waiting a long time for this to happen.The screen plans I got to say would be pretty cool…All glass,OLED screen, Curved screen,Full screen display.Whatever happens with the screen I’m convinced it will be nothing short of amazing and impressive.It is possible it will have facial recognition and if done right I think it could be a game changer!Bringing back the aux? probably not..but I would enjoy that. Finally a bigger better battery…Something we all want!A bigger more efficient battery is always a plus in my book.


I am not to fond of the idea of the name iPhone 7s,7s plus and 8.. doesn’t make sense for apple.Long distance charging is not something I’m to excited for I think it’s a neat idea but I wonder how many problems will come from it.Foldable..A ridiculous rumor that I do not see happening but I think a book like iPhone would be horrible. No home button…Thats something that worries me but maybe because I’ve never had a phone like that if anyone can do it and well I do believe apple can but I am weary on the idea.

Either way the iPhone x/8 is reportedly gonna cost over a thousand dollars so its exciting to see there big reveal for their tenth anniversary.

The New iPhone

Every year there is many rumors on what the new iPhone will have or not have… But last year they were pretty spot on. Here are some things that we may see this year in the new iPhone.

The name. Instead of continuing with the traditional s line it is rumored that it will be the iPhone 8.It is also rumored it will be called iPhone x for their 10th year with the iPhones. It is very likely and rumored that there will be a 7s and a 7s plus but for their 10th anniversary they are gonna do a special iPhone called the iPhone x or 8. My bet is on x.The special edition is supposed to cost over 1000$ dollars due to the more expensive screen and virtual home button.It is also reported that it will have a bigger battery and be all glass.img_0038

Battery life~ it is rumored to have a 2,700 mAh battery. The phone its self is rumored to stay roughly the same size but pack a bigger battery

OLED screens~ It is rumored that Samsung has supplied apple with a large amount of OLED screens for the new iPhone.Why is this exciting? Better battery! its much more energy-saving which equals less charging!

Wireless charging.That alone is an exciting rumor but on top of that it is rumored to be a long-range charging so don’t even have to put your phone down to charge!

No home button~ It is rumored that the home button and Touch ID sensor will be built into the screen

Facial recognition~ It is rumored that the new iPhones will have a facial recognition of some sorts next to the front facing camera for security possibly to replace the fingerprint sensor? Also for photos possibly some kind of snapchat feature.

New color~Red.

Curved screen~A curved OLED display is a rumor for the 1oth anniversary special release phone.Reason being? To set it apart from other iPhones.

Foldable?~ A less likely but a rumor never less your new iPhone might be able to close like a book.They have been granted a patent for a book like iPhone

Full screen display~Yes it is rumored that the new iPhone will be all screen.

All in all I think it will be a good year for apple and maybe there will be a return of a missing aux?

The top ten household products I trust

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1.Dyson vacum, Any style or model. I have the Dyson ball complete from Costco. When I got the Dyson ball I was so blown away with how well it cleaned the carpet apparently my old vacuum was not cleaning at all because first use I filled the bin in 1 room! There was so much dust I was disgusted! It came with a lot of different accessories for cleaning the car under bed ect.. I was amazed by how easy it was to clean with just pushing a button it all releases from the bin to the trash.There is three girls in my house and one problem I had with my old vacuum was hair getting wrapped around the brush bar and I do not have this problem with the Dyson.The suction power is amazing it picks up everything.Works on all my floors and the hose extends quite an impressive distance. I feel like my house is so much cleaner since getting this and feel better about my kids playing on the floor now.Can not will not ever go back to using any other brand. It lived up to its name in my book.

2. Dyson v6 Motorhead stick vacuum. Yes another Dyson. This one serves its own purpose though. The two things I use it the most for is the top part the Dyson trigger for my car. Its handheld and so convient to use. Lasts about 40 minutes which is more than enough time to vacuum the whole car.The second purpose is isolated messes like around my daughters high chair or on her high chair so quick and convenient with an amazing suction power. It also works nicely on rugs and stairs. I defiantly think this is a must have for every house.

3.Method cleaning supplies. I am not a person who has everything organic or natural but there are some things with small children that I prefer to have safe and one is cleaning products.I have tried a few brands and this is my favorite for three reasons.1 it works!grease,toilets,windows,counters,showers,high chairs, wood table it works…and well. 2. It smells great..mint toilet bowl cleaner?yes worth it.3. It’s safe.. My daughter can lick her high chair as long as she wants it won’t hurt her.

4.Lysol. Kids carry lots of germs…Its a known fact. So being able to spray their rooms and toys and bathroom is a must do for me.Its also great for shoes ,backpacks, Sinks,Doorknobs,Bathtubs. I buy a 4 pack from Costco its way cheaper and you get a bigger bottle.

5.Febreeze.In my opinion it just works the best! I use the small room air fresheners in my bathrooms next to a bottle of febreeze so every time you walk in it smells good. I love Febreeze Sleep Serenity Bedding Refresher! It’s defiantly on the pricey side but so worth it when you lay down each night.For everything else I use their air affects spray. I spray the couch, curtains,pillows and everything with these they smell so good and the smell lasts for days.

6.Bath and body works hand soap. I prefer the foaming… clean scents. I always feel like my hands are so much cleaner after using these ones compared to others.I really enjoy the scent and they also look nice.

7.Mr.Clean magic eraser.Seriously what can these not do? Whine on walls no problem, Scuff marks on shoes no problem, Markers on walls? No problem.It cleans any mess and also is good for everyday uses in bathrooms ect. It works amazing and is always my go to.

8.Tide pods.I love the convince of these so so simple.But thats not why I trust it…It works it has such a high concentration in the pod that it gives your clothes an amazing clean.Smells wonderful and does not irritate our sensitive skins.

9.Downey dryer sheets and fabric softener.I really like a lot of different fabric softeners there is so many that smell SO good! For some reason I really like the clean smell of Downey and in my opinion it makes my clothes the most soft and does not irritate mine or my daughters skin.Sometimes I do switch it up and try other things but I consistently stick with downey.

10.Simple human trash can. Ok so the sticker price really scared me but I was tired of the cheap trash cans breaking and hard to clean.I was buying a new trash can every 6 months before buying this one.You can use any trash bags with it which sometimes I do but they have trash bags to perfectly fit your trash can and oh my they are so nice.They fit perfectly and are so durable.They hold so much and never tear.Good quality products.

There we have my must have most trusted products 🙂 Have any suggestions please Let me know and I will try them.Thank you.


Some must have baby items

img_0276I have tried many different things when it comes to baby gear from strollers to baby brezza..etc and this is my must have guide.

1.Boppy! The many uses on it is amazing. Nursing,tummy time,sitting and finally toddler pillow.My daughter is about to turn two and I still use everyday.She loves it.

2.Graco pack n play. Getting one with a changing table and a bassinet is worth it. We traveled a lot and it was so confident having a bassinet and changing table in the hotels. When she was born we lived in a townhouse and discovered it was easier to sleep in the living room for the first few weeks to be close to the kitchen for feeding and to not disturb our toddler and having a bassinet and changing table there in the living room was perfect.I like the Graco one because of their materials sensitive skin is not an issue and they are durable.Still to this day we have the changing table still on because it still works for her.

3. The 4 moms bathtub. It has the temperature reader so that it is perfect every time,Its comfy,The angle is the perfect position for a baby.This is  my favorite newborn bath that I have tried.

4.Fisher price swing. I recommend the one that swings front to back and side to side because different babies like different ones. I like this brand because of the different sound,animals and the material.They have a vibrating option on the seat and are so soft and cozy. I tried the mama roo and there is so many things I love about it and a lot of parents swear by it but for me it didn’t work.The biggest problem was my baby liked being reclined you are in a straight up position in the mama roo. I couldn’t get the straps small enough to secure her in there for a little over a month and finally I didn’t find the covers to be very soft.I was so excited for it while I was pregnant and was disappointed when she didn’t like it.

5.Bouncer. I do not have a particular brand I like haven’t found one yet that wows me but I really enjoyed the bouncer as she got a little older.She loved being rocked to sleep but it also came useful when you need to be hands free but the baby is awake and wanting to see you.Once your baby starts eating its also a nice tool.

6.carrier. My favorite is “Ergobaby Original 3 Position Bundle of Joy – Black Camel” I love love love this one! so comfy and durable. I still use it and am still finding more uses everyday.

7.Stroller car seat combo.Having the combo is a must have for me! I love being able to throw up the stroller and the car seat just clicks in there.Makes life easier. I have tried quite a few brands like Eddie Bauer and was disappointed.It looked amazing nice fabric but in my experience it was cheaply made.I bought brand new through target and the car seat was okay the bar to push down or up was always getting stuck and the button to release the buckles was very hard to push after a short time of use.The jogging stroller it came with I was so excited for because from what I have heard jogging strollers are easier to use…And they are just not that one the front wheel didn’t like to turn and a year into using it.. it has stopped folding down! Not a great experience but the two I do really enjoy is Graco and Baby trend which is what I am currently using. I love the fact that your baby can face you can be used as a bassinet for brand new babies and turns into a regular stroller as they get older. It is a jogging stroller and have had no problem with The wheels function.The only down falls With this one is it does not come with a snack tray for the little one or a cup holder for you.The underneath basket is small but all around I have been enjoying it.

8.Baby monitor.This is one I unfortunately can’t recommend a certain one because I have not found one I enjoy yet I have tried quite a few of the video ones and have been disappointed.Let me know if you guys recommend a  certain one and ill give it a try.