Things you need to coupon

These are the things i use to get the best deals.

where to get the coupons? There are many many ways to get coupons here what i do…I buy 10 sunday papers these have manufacture coupons as well as the weekly ads which have store coupons (you can start with as many as you feel comfortable with i do 10 so i can do multiple hauls) couponsdotcom is an amazing place to find coupons. Store apps such as walgreens,fred Myer,dollar general,target allow you to clip coupons right onto your store card but when you do it this way you only get 1 coupon per item which means you only get one of the product. Another way to get coupons is to go on the website of your favorite brands and see if they have any on their site. You can also write them and ask for samples or coupons to try a product.


Apps are a great way to lower the stress of putting together deals for your hauls my favorites are flipp- it allows you to type in a product you have a coupon for and shows you what all the stores are advertising for that has all the weekly ads and lets you print store coupons from. Couponsdotcom has an app to make it simpler.Krazy coupon lady posts deals and has a app.


It is also a good idea to download the store apps to give you prices for items and lets you clip coupons to your card.Download these apps to save even more money (will be explained in “how to coupon”  ibotta,cart-wheel,checkout 51,saving star,plenti.


If you plan on printing coupons it will be a good idea to have a printer.If you plan to have a lot of coupons on you it will be much easier for you if you have a binder and buy little slots from walmart that hold basketball cards to use to organize your coupons.I as well have a small on the go coupon organizer that i got from amazon for very cheap to organize the coupons I’m gonna be using that day by sore.It is best to write down your list before going so you can stay on track i use a notes app on my phone but a pen and paper would work just as well.And obviously a good pair of scissors because you will be doing a lot of clipping.


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