How to coupon

To start this i shoud explain that couponers have a lingo heres some important ones to know.

1.Oop-Our favorite…Out of pocket.We all want a low oop

2.Mfg-Manufacture coupon

3.Nla- No longer availabe…The sadest one..When a coupon is no longer avaible so we hope we have enough

4-inserts-A booklet full of coupons.

5.Overage-Best one yet…When you get paid to get a item or in other terms a moneymaker out goals is to always get things really cheap or free but when you get paid…Oh thats a good day.


Where to start…Once you have all of the things you etc.. You start by looking at the weekly adds and compare them to your coupons for example most tide or gain pods are 5.95 a pack and dollar general have them advertised in there ad for 3.95 well p&g had released a coupon for 3$ off one which makes it .95c! (you can still get this buy creating a dollar general account and clipping the coupon to your number)

Best stores to shop at and why?

My favorite is dollar general! Why? The example above is one reason the generally have really good prices and on top of that they have in store things like buy 3 of this product save 3$ instantly, Fill out  the survey on your reciept…get 3/15 coupon (ring this before your other coupons) My favorite saturdays are 5/25$! These are store coupons are able to be used with manufacture coupons.

Target-Target is defiently my second favorite but can be the most challenging.When putting together a deal hear I conider store sale, my mfg coupons and cartwheel (store discounts or coupons),What gift cards i will be recieving, what rebates are available,any text coupons available and finally my 5% off for having a red card..(good thing to have).

Walgreens-Thers alot of ways to save at Walgreens obviously sales, Mfg coupons.. and also they have a monthley booklet with store coupons,offer regestier rewards which gives you money off you next trip which lowers you oop next time.They have a new thing called beuty enthusist which for every 50$ you spend you recieve 5$ rr (register rewards) you can also earn rr by walking…Yes i said walking.On there app you can turn on a feature that allows you to eran points.

Rite Aid- Plenti points! plenti points can be used for many things download the app and hook it to your wellness card and discover the magic. They also have the best store coupons i have seen.For example a few weeks back they knocked down there irish spring down to 1.99 from 3.99 with card and in store the same time a mfg coupon came out with a 1$ off which made it .99c.

Walmart- Low prices…Sometimes they cant be beat. Ibotta seems to offer more rebates when you shop here too.

Dollar Tree- Everything is a dollar! So if a coupons restrictions match up with stuff at the dollar tree..Well your oop will be very low or none.

Download the rebatess app to see if you can get a better deal or to get money to buy things you have to like milk etc.


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