What I am and not looking forward to in the new iPhone.

Of course there is a million rumors around the iPhone set to release this fall here is what I would like to see and not based on the rumors.

I do like the idea of naming the three new iPhones iPhone 7s,7s plus, iPhone x.I think adding  the color red would be a great and very sought after based on the reactions I have gotten and seen.Wireless charging would be amazing I think its something a lot of us iPhone users have been waiting a long time for this to happen.The screen plans I got to say would be pretty cool…All glass,OLED screen, Curved screen,Full screen display.Whatever happens with the screen I’m convinced it will be nothing short of amazing and impressive.It is possible it will have facial recognition and if done right I think it could be a game changer!Bringing back the aux? probably not..but I would enjoy that. Finally a bigger better battery…Something we all want!A bigger more efficient battery is always a plus in my book.


I am not to fond of the idea of the name iPhone 7s,7s plus and 8.. doesn’t make sense for apple.Long distance charging is not something I’m to excited for I think it’s a neat idea but I wonder how many problems will come from it.Foldable..A ridiculous rumor that I do not see happening but I think a book like iPhone would be horrible. No home button…Thats something that worries me but maybe because I’ve never had a phone like that if anyone can do it and well I do believe apple can but I am weary on the idea.

Either way the iPhone x/8 is reportedly gonna cost over a thousand dollars so its exciting to see there big reveal for their tenth anniversary.


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