The New iPhone

Every year there is many rumors on what the new iPhone will have or not have… But last year they were pretty spot on. Here are some things that we may see this year in the new iPhone.

The name. Instead of continuing with the traditional s line it is rumored that it will be the iPhone 8.It is also rumored it will be called iPhone x for their 10th year with the iPhones. It is very likely and rumored that there will be a 7s and a 7s plus but for their 10th anniversary they are gonna do a special iPhone called the iPhone x or 8. My bet is on x.The special edition is supposed to cost over 1000$ dollars due to the more expensive screen and virtual home button.It is also reported that it will have a bigger battery and be all glass.img_0038

Battery life~ it is rumored to have a 2,700 mAh battery. The phone its self is rumored to stay roughly the same size but pack a bigger battery

OLED screens~ It is rumored that Samsung has supplied apple with a large amount of OLED screens for the new iPhone.Why is this exciting? Better battery! its much more energy-saving which equals less charging!

Wireless charging.That alone is an exciting rumor but on top of that it is rumored to be a long-range charging so don’t even have to put your phone down to charge!

No home button~ It is rumored that the home button and Touch ID sensor will be built into the screen

Facial recognition~ It is rumored that the new iPhones will have a facial recognition of some sorts next to the front facing camera for security possibly to replace the fingerprint sensor? Also for photos possibly some kind of snapchat feature.

New color~Red.

Curved screen~A curved OLED display is a rumor for the 1oth anniversary special release phone.Reason being? To set it apart from other iPhones.

Foldable?~ A less likely but a rumor never less your new iPhone might be able to close like a book.They have been granted a patent for a book like iPhone

Full screen display~Yes it is rumored that the new iPhone will be all screen.

All in all I think it will be a good year for apple and maybe there will be a return of a missing aux?


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