The top ten household products I trust

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1.Dyson vacum, Any style or model. I have the Dyson ball complete from Costco. When I got the Dyson ball I was so blown away with how well it cleaned the carpet apparently my old vacuum was not cleaning at all because first use I filled the bin in 1 room! There was so much dust I was disgusted! It came with a lot of different accessories for cleaning the car under bed ect.. I was amazed by how easy it was to clean with just pushing a button it all releases from the bin to the trash.There is three girls in my house and one problem I had with my old vacuum was hair getting wrapped around the brush bar and I do not have this problem with the Dyson.The suction power is amazing it picks up everything.Works on all my floors and the hose extends quite an impressive distance. I feel like my house is so much cleaner since getting this and feel better about my kids playing on the floor now.Can not will not ever go back to using any other brand. It lived up to its name in my book.

2. Dyson v6 Motorhead stick vacuum. Yes another Dyson. This one serves its own purpose though. The two things I use it the most for is the top part the Dyson trigger for my car. Its handheld and so convient to use. Lasts about 40 minutes which is more than enough time to vacuum the whole car.The second purpose is isolated messes like around my daughters high chair or on her high chair so quick and convenient with an amazing suction power. It also works nicely on rugs and stairs. I defiantly think this is a must have for every house.

3.Method cleaning supplies. I am not a person who has everything organic or natural but there are some things with small children that I prefer to have safe and one is cleaning products.I have tried a few brands and this is my favorite for three reasons.1 it works!grease,toilets,windows,counters,showers,high chairs, wood table it works…and well. 2. It smells toilet bowl cleaner?yes worth it.3. It’s safe.. My daughter can lick her high chair as long as she wants it won’t hurt her.

4.Lysol. Kids carry lots of germs…Its a known fact. So being able to spray their rooms and toys and bathroom is a must do for me.Its also great for shoes ,backpacks, Sinks,Doorknobs,Bathtubs. I buy a 4 pack from Costco its way cheaper and you get a bigger bottle.

5.Febreeze.In my opinion it just works the best! I use the small room air fresheners in my bathrooms next to a bottle of febreeze so every time you walk in it smells good. I love Febreeze Sleep Serenity Bedding Refresher! It’s defiantly on the pricey side but so worth it when you lay down each night.For everything else I use their air affects spray. I spray the couch, curtains,pillows and everything with these they smell so good and the smell lasts for days.

6.Bath and body works hand soap. I prefer the foaming… clean scents. I always feel like my hands are so much cleaner after using these ones compared to others.I really enjoy the scent and they also look nice.

7.Mr.Clean magic eraser.Seriously what can these not do? Whine on walls no problem, Scuff marks on shoes no problem, Markers on walls? No problem.It cleans any mess and also is good for everyday uses in bathrooms ect. It works amazing and is always my go to.

8.Tide pods.I love the convince of these so so simple.But thats not why I trust it…It works it has such a high concentration in the pod that it gives your clothes an amazing clean.Smells wonderful and does not irritate our sensitive skins.

9.Downey dryer sheets and fabric softener.I really like a lot of different fabric softeners there is so many that smell SO good! For some reason I really like the clean smell of Downey and in my opinion it makes my clothes the most soft and does not irritate mine or my daughters skin.Sometimes I do switch it up and try other things but I consistently stick with downey.

10.Simple human trash can. Ok so the sticker price really scared me but I was tired of the cheap trash cans breaking and hard to clean.I was buying a new trash can every 6 months before buying this one.You can use any trash bags with it which sometimes I do but they have trash bags to perfectly fit your trash can and oh my they are so nice.They fit perfectly and are so durable.They hold so much and never tear.Good quality products.

There we have my must have most trusted products 🙂 Have any suggestions please Let me know and I will try them.Thank you.



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